New video by YouTube Creators on YouTube - Ummi Saroh

New video by YouTube Creators on YouTube

Creators Talk About Coping During These Difficult Times | Find a Way #WithMe
In this virtual roundtable discussion, Dr. Ali Mattu, Hallease, Connor, and Cydnee sit down and have a candid conversation about their personal well-being journeys, and touch upon how they are managing expectations and responsibilities as a creator. We’ve been living through a time of unprecedented instability, with the COVID-19 pandemic bringing new challenges and deepening the systemic challenges that traditionally marginalized communities already face. Hear from other Creators on how they are navigating being a creative during this time, process how you’re feeling, and start your own journey to develop healthy coping mechanisms to best support yourself.

Creators’ Top Tips for Taking Care of Yourself:
💛 “Find that hobby, what have you wanted to try and have been putting off?” – Hallease:
💛 “Lean on the people around you” – Connor Franta:
💛 “Meditate” – Cydnee Black:
💛 “Share one piece of what’s going on for you with someone else” – Dr. Ali Mattu:

0:00 – Introduction
0:16 – How are you doing before the pandemic?
1:42 – Did the kind of videos you were making change?
3:09 – How do you balance what you need vs. what your audience wants?
4:48 – How do meet your responsibility as a creator while still taking care of yourselves?
6:32 – How are you managing all of the news you hear about?
8:23 – What have you learned about yourself that has helped you with your mental health?
9:29 – What is the one thing you’re looking forward to once the pandemic ends?
10:42 – What is one thing people can do right now to support their wellbeing?

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